Let us build you a timber frame home that’s comfortable, efficient and beautiful. The place your grandchildren—and their children—will know as “home.”

Timber framing is a traditional building technique that can be used in many design styles, from Craftsman to Rustic, Modern to Traditional Northwest.

A timber frame home offers a singular sense of place, structure and soundness. Exposed timber posts, beams and carefully crafted joinery combine to give you exactly what you want in your new home—solid construction plus one-of-a-kind details that make it yours alone.

Bellingham Bay Builders creates timber frame structures with maximum energy efficiency, superior indoor air quality, long-term durability and low maintenance. We provide a high degree of professionalism and a focus on project management that is second to none—and your vision, preferences and decisions are always our first priority.

What sets us apart?

High-performance and green building expertise

LEED AP-certified builders

Worker’s cooperative means many of our crewmembers are member-owners

Meticulous craftsmanship