Imagine the buildings around you—the homes, banks, hospitals, schools, apartments and grocery stores—all designed from the ground up to optimize energy performance, produce on-site renewable energy, utilize recycled materials, conserve water and other resources, provide a healthy indoor environment, and last for generations.


 That’s high performance building. And that’s where we excel.



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Healthy Indoor Air Quality

To us, it’s not second nature. It’s our only nature.

Bellingham Bay Builders is dedicated to creating a safe, healthy environment inside your home. This commitment begins with air quality. A well designed living space pays attention to how it breathes. We apply advanced air sealing techniques to regulate unintended air infiltration while simultaneously integrating a well-designed ventilation system to provide a constant supply of fresh air. In addition, Bellingham Bay Builders uses mold preventative techniques, non-toxic materials & finishes, combustion gas management, and air leakage testing to ensure that you and your family is breathing comfortably.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient structures not only tread more lightly on the earth, but they ensure lower operating costs for you and better air quality for everyone. We closely study and take advantage of innovations in building science to bring our clients the latest technology in building envelopes, windows, lighting and energy use:

LED lighting  |  Net zero energy  |  Solar panels  |  Airtight envelope  |  Geothermal heat pump  |  Air and duct leakage testing  |  Solar thermal systems  |  Photovoltaics

Whether you’re remodeling or building new, you can achieve your goals of comfort and energy efficiency—and we have the expertise to make it happen.


It’s simple: a building that lasts is better for the environment. And it’s better for you, too.

Low maintenance means lower out-of-pocket costs—and more time to do the things you love. We design and build every project for durability, including moisture management, foundation drainage, insect control, exterior siding and trim, roof overhangs, downspouts and venting.

Using best practices and the latest building technology, we work to keep the elements out, eliminate lost energy, preserve the structure and manage moisture.

We build durability in because we believe in creating structures that will last. So you, your grandchildren and their children can enjoy living, working and building community in them.