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This is Who We Are

Bellingham Bay Builders is a team of real people doing honest work.

We’re framers and fathers. Designers and dancers. Builders and bicyclists. Managers and musicians. We are lovers of the outdoors, our families and our community. We never forget we’re all invested in this place we call home.

Dave Brogan
Dave BroganFounding Member-Owner, Project Manager, Gaant Chart Guru
After earning his Outdoor Environmental Education degree from Huxley College at Western Washington University, Dave put it to good use as a sea kayak guide and teacher in some of North America’s most wild places. Eventually, he settled on construction as a vocation, and soon became project manager for a local timber frame contractor. In 2004, he and three friends founded Bellingham Bay Builders. Dave handles estimating and project management with a keen eye for timelines and budgets. He’s passionate about high-performance building and continuously studies this modern age of building science.

Ever the outdoors enthusiast, Dave enjoys skiing, sea kayaking, sailing and rock climbing with family and friends. Time at home means dance parties with his daughters, reading in bed as a family and gathering around the table with good food and great friends.

Ross Grier
Ross GrierFounding Member-Owner, Project Manager, Postcard Aficionado
You could say Ross has been around the block. Born and raised in Japan, he landed in Bellingham after hopping his way across the country. A 30-year builder and craftsman, Ross stays busy keeping BBB clients happy, attending to the details and extinguishing fires as needed.

As one of BBB’s founding member-owners, Ross is a big fan of worker’s cooperatives and has greatly enjoyed watching the concept take root and grow. When he’s not fearlessly navigating the complexities of building, Ross hikes the Pacific Crest Trail, sails Bellingham Bay, fires up his grandchildren’s imaginations and vacations with his wife. He’s a board member of the Bellingham Sister Cities Association, contributing to our city’s positive relationship with Tateyama, Japan.

Ross is a former juggling unicyclist whose middle name consists of nine letters, four of which are Ls. (Could it be Llewellyn?)

David Ghan
David GhanMember-Owner, Site Superintendent, Building Enthusiast
An Oregonian by birth, Dave grew up in a homes remodeled by his family. He learned carpentry by making his own toys and places to play. His increasingly elaborate projects culminated with a full-size-Chevy-van-turned-underground-fort. (Yes, he and his friends buried the van in the dirt and accessed it through a dog house on the roof.)

Dave supervises each BBB building site, working closely with crewmembers, as well as our clients, to get every detail right the first time. He loves the building process, because it combines science, structural engineering, craftsmanship and psychology “into a delicious stew.” Dave says, “It’s super rad!”

When not hard at work, Dave is working hard at all the other things he loves (and there are many). He gives back when he can, in thanks for a wonderful life here in NW Washington.

Jeff Mack
Jeff MackMember-Owner, Building Performance Specialist, Site Superintendent, Jobsite Dance Party Organizer
Jeff is a creative guy, with a degree in graphic design and a penchant for high performance construction. As a certified Energy Auditor, Jeff utilizes his expertise in air leakage testing and building performance to make BBB projects more durable and energy efficient.

To Jeff, nothing beats collaborating with co-workers and clients to build structures that are models of efficiency and craftsmanship. In his free time, he skateboards with his son, reads with his daughter, and gets way out of town as often as possible.

Next time you see him, ask Jeff about that time he ate an entire jar of atomic pickles.

Wesley Moore
Wesley MooreFinish Carpenter, Detail Wrangler
Wes hails from the Midwest, and has been swinging hammers for more than 20 years. He worked his way up the ranks from novice to sought-after finish carpenter, and believes in making BBB projects look as great as they function.

Wes admires the way the entire BBB team strives for integrity and excellence on every project—which lines up perfectly with his philosophy of doing your best at every moment. When he’s not at work, this son of a preacher man enjoys listening to music and
spending time outside.

Daniel Whitsell
Daniel WhitsellCarpenter, Shim-Making Jedi
Daniel is another WWU grad who came to the building trades from a creative field of study: fine art. He perfected his carpentry skills in a Seattle cabinet shop and now applies them in creating long-lasting, environmentally sound structures with the BBB team.

Daniel enjoys working with his hands and with his co-workers, “the coolest carpenters in the world.” In his free time, he’s typically hanging out with friends and family, skiing, biking or creating art. He volunteers by designing and building edible forests, parklets (so Bellingham) and a Sustainable Connections green playhouse.

Favorite work memory: when he and Jeff Mack held down a 20,000-square-foot tarp over a roof during a roaring 70+mph wind. Why? Because Daniel believes in running at challenges and valuing all experiences. Call him Captain Positive.

Justin Lonegan
Justin LoneganLead Carpenter, Get er’doner
Justin is a hardworking guy that loves to be outdoors whether he’s building custom homes, dry stacking stone walls, or taking care of his property in the foothills of the Cascades. With 12 years of experience in the construction industry and a motto of “don’t let the speed bump slow you down,” Justin’s skills and great attitude help create a quick paced, work environment that thrives on integrity.

Justin likes to set high goals and see them through to completion.

In his free time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, gardening, and spending time with his family.

Chris Kazimer
Chris KazimerLead Carpenter, Last One on the Island
Chris hails from the East coast and made his westward migration in 2005; eventually settling in Bellingham where he resumed his already burgeoning carpentry career. He’s been a carpenter for 14 years, making him one badass site supervisor and expert timber framer on our crew. Thanks to the trade, one of his many accomplishments are always being able to support himself and his family.
Chris is an avid hunter, fisherman, and mushroom hunter, rock climber, and hiker. He sits on the Wildlife Advisory Committee for Whatcom County Planning and Development and is a certified animal tracker through Cybertracker, as well. It’s safe to say that Chris is the person you wouldn’t mind getting lost in the woods with. In his daily life, he tries to keep an open mind and practice empathy to better see the world from the perspective of others and to have a sense of humor about everything.

Alex Griffin
Alex GriffinCarpenter, Outdoor Adventure Chaser
Alex, raised in the great NW, is a second generation carpenter trained in traditional wood working methods by his father. He thrives on quality craftsmanship whether he’s wielding a finish gun or a framing hammer.

Alex brings enthusiasm to the jobsite and enjoys the day by day progression of homebuilding. Alex enjoys working hard and playing hard. When doing the latter, he divides his time between hiking, practicing yoga, snowboarding, dirt bike riding, and mountain biking. When he’s not riding the trails, Alex also enjoys creating and maintaining them with local mountain bike organization WMBC.

Daniel Webber
Daniel WebberDemolition Man, Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Daniel is an English major who crossed the creative line from brain to brawn. As a carpenter’s apprentice, he’s handled ever-evolving tasks to contribute to a wide variety of projects. Ask Daniel what he loves most about working at BBB, and he’ll tell you it’s his co-workers, who take the time to teach him new skills—and classic tricks of the trade, too.

When he’s not busy climbing scaffolding or keeping jobsites super-tidy, Daniel likes to explore old buildings, charm senior ladies and write. He’s also completely stoked about volunteering with the Whatcom Humane Society to foster kittens.

Daniel believes in saying “yes” to novelty and sorting out the consequences later.
Secret power: He’s an excellent seamster.

Peter Scherrer
Peter ScherrerLead Carpenter, Painter & Pickled Pepper Picker
Peter comes to us with 16 years’ experience under his belt. He’s worked in furniture shops, doing timber framing, for many different general contractors and had a run with his own general contracting business. His expertise lies in finish carpentry and historic restoration. He enjoys running his own large projects, start to finish. What he loves most about his job is adding good things to the world.

All work and no play can make for a dull boy, but not Peter. For fun, he has his artwork, as well as enjoying the outdoors through canoeing and biking. He also has a great time parenting! You can find him giving back to his lifelong Bellingham community as a volunteer art teacher. Peter’s unknown secret power – herpetology.

Leah Barta
Leah BartaAdministrative Assistant, Harry Potter Fanatic
Leah is a native Tacoman who originally migrated to Bellingham to study at WWU. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning, she did a term working as an AmeriCorps member with King County’s Office of Emergency Management. While there she helped prepare the King County public for tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, and even sharknados.

As a lover of games and sports she has spent much of her life playing volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer, softball, and swimming. In fact, for her eighth grade yearbook she was voted “Best Jock”. You may run into Leah at a local softball or volleyball match.

As the Office Administrator at BBB she uses her diverse skills, easy-going attitude, and great sense of humor to help the office run smoothly; if truth be told she puts the capital “O” in organization. If you’re lucky, and likely you will be, when you call or drop by BBB hers will be the first voice you hear. Working in an office that shares a woodshop, she is excited to expand her crafting repertoire from all forms of sewing to include woodworking; starting with building a new bedframe.

Ian Krause
Ian KrauseCarpenter Apprentice, Smiles for Miles
Ian has done a fair amount a traveling in his 26 years of life. He’s lived in Hawaii, backpacked through Central America, Asia, and parts of Africa. Taught English in Spain, volunteered on the East Coast through AmeriCorps, and spent 2 seasons fishing in Alaska. Though through all his travels, he always finds his way back home to Bellingham.

He never saw himself having a long-time career in construction, having been in the commercial construction industry off and on during college, but the opportunity at BBB to partner his construction experience with his passion for sustainability and the local community was too great to pass up. Ian says the great work environment, company mission, and fellow BBB employees have him loving his decision to join the company, excited about going to work each week and his future within the company. What exactly does Ian love about his job? He says “he loves his coworkers. You aren’t privileged enough in every company to work with great role models. Here at BBB, he learns as much about carpentry as he does about what it means to be a great husband, a great father and a positive member of his community.”

Three things describe Ian’s life outside of work; nature, friends, and his dog. And what is his life goal, you may wonder? Why, it’s to be a professional sardine reviewer, of course.

Jeremiah Looper
Jeremiah LooperCarpenter Apprentice, Wheeler Dealer
Jeremiah may have been born in a small town in Arizona, but he’s a true Bellinghamster through and through, having grown up here most his life. And he hasn’t been in the industry long, but that hasn’t been a hindrance for Jeremiah; rather the contrary. His inexperience has motivated him to take in as much information as he can, “whether it be from working with an expert in a particular field or learning from a mistake” he needs to fix. He is surrounded by seasoned coworkers and he is not letting the opportunity go to waste, which makes him a hard working, fun addition to every work site.

One word to sum up Jeremiah’s time outside BBB: cars. Buying, selling, driving, restoring; you name it, he’s done it. He’s currently in the market for the perfect Chevy. But when he needs a less speedy way to get around, he takes to his longboard, or sometimes even a kayak. Most days of the week you’ll find him on the job site or under a car, but on Sundays you’ll find him at Bellingham Baptist Church, working with the children’s ministries.

Arie Vanderstaay
Arie Vanderstaay Carpenter Apprentice, Community Builder
Although born in Jackson, Mississippi, Arie Vanderstaay is Bellingham home grown. He comes to Bellingham Bay Builders fairly new to carpentry but has a great work ethic and a strong desire to learn more in hopes of ultimately becoming a master builder. His carpenter apprenticeship with a local craftsman, along with his time here at BBB will provide the needed experience to make that dream a reality.

If you were to ask Arie what he loves about his job, he’d say, “The people I get to work with on a daily basis, as well as the joy of creating beautiful structures and spaces.” So, when he’s not creating beautiful spaces for our clients, he’s out finding as wild a space as he can.

On the occasion that you find Arie in town and not out among the wild things, you’ll probably find him lending a hand. He says he always looks forward to Free Thanksgiving Dinner at the Old Town Café.